The Foundation and Secrets to Building the Life You Want

A solid foundation is essential to stability for buildings or life. Do you know the 5 ingredients needed to build a solid foundation?

The Search for the Secrets to Life is an explanation of words as well as common sense lessons that are designed to educate the heart.

The backstory:

In the late 80’s I was a curious boy looking for answers to problems that perplexed me. I was just starting to notice girls, none of which noticed me, and was doing my best to navigate my way through school, sports and life. Suddenly a cloud rolled into my life, more specifically, a storm. Desert Storm. It was a constant oppression that seemed to use its crushing weight to dent every other facet of life. I was too young to go to war but the possibility loomed large. One day I was eating with my Papaw (Grandfather) when the topic of war came up. He very vividly described the scene from his youth when World War II was in full swing. He very calmly explained that the world is always in trouble and it is our job to make the best of it. 

How do I make the best of it? To which he answered, “Do it on purpose.” 

What do I do on purpose? “Everything,” was his reply. 

That set me on a journey and for the last 30+ years I have been serching for the secrets to life and how to do things on purpose.


John D. Suttles

John D. Suttles


Hello and welcome to my favorite web page on the Internet!

This page represents the longest and hardest struggle of my life and the information available has been paid for with my blood, sweat and tears. Looking back, it is apparent that my life is great. I have some fantastic stories and have lived through some very interesting times. Yours will be too if you learn these lessons and apply them to your life.


Which topic intriges you? 

Regardless of which topic you choose first, I strongly suggest that you explore them all.

To some, Foundation is the first choice. It seems reasonable that starting with the Foundation is a logical way to proceed. Others enter straight into the Secrets looking for guidance on a particular topic. Whichever you choose first, enjoy!

As an added bonus we have included the Proverbs and Wisdom section which is an in depth look into explaining the mysteries locked in Solomon’s Proverbs.

Foundation building for your life

The 5 ingredients needed to building a firm foundation. Combine these ingredients to start building the life you will love.

Search for the Secrets to Life

An explanation of words and common sense lessons designed to educate the heart.

Proverbs and Wisdom

An in depth look into explaining the mysteries behind Solomon’s Proverbs and Wisdom.

Common Sense- made simple

This takes common sense and makes it understandable. So many of us these days only read to get away. Once you realize how powerful this stuff is, you realize getting away is not the answer; making a better you is the answer.

– Daniel 


What is the foundation section about?

The Foundation is a set of 5 things that every person needs to master. These 5 ingredients, if we may call them such, are the main ingredients to living a full life. The beauty is that anyone and everyone can learn and develop the ability to collect and employ all of these ingredients.

What is the Search for the Secrets of Life?

The Search for the Secrets to Life is a collection of definitions to words and explanations of common sense lessons that my 30+ year shearch has produced. The list of Secrets keeps growing.

Which section should I explore first?

My personal reccomendation is to exlore the Foundation section first. It has been my observation that people often make the mistake of trying to find life “hacks” instead of investing their time learning the basics. However, the Secrets section holds a great deal of information that can be used to make a pressing decision. Which means, it is Your choice, dive in!

What is Proverbs and Wisdom about?

Proverbs is a collection of instruction and advice collected by King Solomon which is touted to be the, “Wisest man that ever lived.” His book, Proverbs, is a work that explores and explains the most mysterious place in the Universe, The human heart. Proverbs also unlocks the code for how to master our heart. It is a marvelous study. Here, I have endevoured to shed light on Solomon’s work.

Where did this information come from?

This information is the result of my life’s quest for truth. It is my sincere wish that the information presented here is a help to others as much as it has been for me.

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