Enjoy the Mtn with us!

Welcome to Our Work page!

This is where we get to show you what we do. It is one of our great privileges to live and work in the Great Smoky Mtn. area. It is a common occurrence for us to stop working, just for a second, and look around at the majesty and beauty surrounding us. We also get to see some interesting situations and we attempt to document them and post them so that you can see what we see, learn as we learn and enjoy the Mountains.

More than thirty years ago my Mamaw (Grandmother), and I were working one evening. She stopped working, looked up at the sunset and said, “Johnny, God paints the prettiest pictures! Son, you need to learn that if you are too busy to stop and see the beauty that God has placed around you then you are just too busy.”

I must admit that there are times where I ignored those words of wisdom. However, the older I get the more convinced I am that my Dear Mamaw was correct. So sit down, kick back, have a glass of sweet tea and enjoy learning about what we do for a spell.