As a business owner in Sevier County,  you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your property is looking its best.  If your property is in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and surrounding areas then Our team is dedicated to making sure your customers always drive up to a pristene and well taken care of property.

Our Services

Outdoor Solutions

You exterior is the first thing customers see when they visit. We can help you have a place you are proud of!

Shrub and Hedge Trimming

Trimming shrubs and hedges at commercial properties is usually done three times per year. Trimming in the Spring and Fall and pruning in the Winter.

Shrub, Plant, and Tree Planting

If your commercial property needs new or different plants. CCL has solutions for you.


If your Commercial property needs new hardscapes installed or existing hardscapes repaired, CCL has a solution that can help.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care is our most popular reoccuring service. Most of our commercial Clients want their lawn to be mowed either every week or every 10 days.

Indoor Solutions

From floral decorations to organizational solutions, CCL can help bring the interior of your business to life!

Organizational Cleaning

Interior and Exterior Organizational Cleaning is a service that CCL provides for our Clients. Many of our Clients seek this service when there has been a change that leaves extra or old stuff hanging around. They find that removing the clutter opens up the space and makes it feel fresh and new.

Light bulb Replacement

If you have difficulty accessing or changing light bulbs, CCL can help.

Floor Coverings

Is your Commercial properties floor wearing out? CCL can remove the old floor and install new. We also have options for laying new floor covering over the old- in specific situations.

Indoor Hardscapes

If you need an interior hardscape installed or repaired, CCL has a solution for you.

Seasonal Solutions

With seasonal changes, we can help prepare your business for what’s coming as well as clean up the mess from the previous season!

Spring Lawn Clean Up

The Great Smoky Mountain Area is a beautiful corner of the world, but the Spring droppings may cause your property to look less than stellar. CCL offers Spring Clean up services that work for YOU by creating a schedule to keep the property looking cared for.

Fall Lawn Clean Up

Mountain properties generally need Autumn atention to keep their appearance clean and well kept. CCL is here to help you manage fall like a pro! 

Seasonal Decorating

If your Commercial property needs Seasonal Decorations then CCL has a solution for you.

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