An exerpt from The Business of Owning a Rental Cabin- The 5M’s:

In this Book, The Business of Owning a Rental Cabin,  we will introduce some areas where you will need to make gains educationally so that you can see financial profits sooner. To make these topics easier to remember we created what we call the 5M’s and they are listed below. Each of these topics has been addressed in stand alone format yet they are all intertwined. Learn how these 5M’s can make you a success in the Rental Cabin Industry!


Money/ Finances

Mastering Systems



An exertpt from the The Smoky Mtn. Cabin Owner’s Manual 2.0:

In the midst of growth and Urbanization many people sought for a retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life; they wanted a place to get away and find serenity. Rustic, simple and charming, Cabins were the perfect fit. This new breed of cabin was no longer a survival shelter, it became the perfect platform to blend old world simplicity with new world convenience. 

 If we apply that line of thought to our definition of Cabin, things become much more clear. As a Cabin Owner, what you are providing for yourself or those you rent the cabin to, is a place to get away. 

What most people are looking for in a cabin stay are things like televisions, hot tubs, internet, swimming pools, theater rooms, game rooms and so on that will allow them to kick back, let the kids play while the Adults look at the view. They can let their mind drift away and relax. They are not looking for a rustic experience, they are, for the most part, looking for a modern experience in a perceived rustic setting.