A Horribbable Christmas Story

2021 Christmas Story  “A Horribbable Christmas Story” “93 degrees.” Belinda sighed, looked over at her Dad in the Driver’s seat and repeated herself but this time with more emphasis hoping to get a response. The road kept rolling out in front of them in what...

Small Stories Big Deal excerpt

Topic: Authority Story #2 #2. Bus Driver is leaving the school with a bus load of young people. Some want to be dropped off first others want to be dropped off last. They ask the driver to accommodate their requests. The Driver answers that the bus will follow the...

Small Stories, Big Deal #13

How long has it been since you read a story that made sense and gave you hope? Here is a small story that is part of a collection of stories and maxims designed to give perspective in a world that has forgotten how to tell the truth. #13. A young man approached a Sage...

Merry Christmas from CCL

Here is the Christmas story for 2020 Hindsight is 2020 Zombie Unicorns? Her tight blonde curls bobbed as her head shook in affirmation. “Yep, Uncle John. I want you to write a Christmas story about Zombie Unicorns.” As I stared into her sweet, almost innocent,...

2019 Christmas Story

For the last several years it has been my pleasure to write a Christmas story for my Children, Nieces and Nephews. When we meet at my Mom and Dads house on Christmas morning I get to read the story to them. This year, I felt obliged to share the story. (We have been...

Real Estate- When, where and what to buy

I have heard dozens of formulas for buying Real Estate. One group says this while that investor preaches that. It starts to get confusing. How do you determine what Real Estate you should buy? So let’s stop for a minute and go over some basics: You need to have cash...

FIREWISE What you need to know.

This excerpt from The Smoky Mtn Cabin Owners Manual’s chapter on FIREWISE, gives you some much needed suggestions on how to improve your Properties’ chances during a fire. do yourself a favor and look over this excerpt then contact us to see how CCL can help you make...

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