How long has it been since you read a story that made sense and gave you hope? Here is a small story that is part of a collection of stories and maxims designed to give perspective in a world that has forgotten how to tell the truth.


A young man approached a Sage enquiring as to what Wisdom says he should do with his country in a position of political unrest and a world in turmoil. “I have asked every Leader that will hear me what I can do to help but cannot get a straight answer. On top of that, every famous personality that held our cause seems to be abandoning their position. I feel betrayed and scared. It seems there is no truth left in the world. Should I just give up?”

“Give up what?”

“I don’t know, everything, anything, all of it,” the frustration in the young man’s voice touched the old man’s heart.

“Solomon is praised as being the wisest man to ever live, yet in all his wisdom the one thing he never endured was war. For that, we must look to his father, King David. As a boy, David became famous by facing the giant, Goliath on the field of battle. Later he was hunted by his own King Saul for years as a fugitive and upon more than one occasion passed on the opportunity to slay his tormentor, saying he would not harm the anointed King. On numerous occasions The Philistines and David were at odds on the battlefield; then to top it off, David’s own Son, Absalom, usurped the kingdom and stole the crown. David fled from the confrontation refusing to fight. Absalom saw this as a sign of weakness but he was sorely mistaken. David’s standing order was to make certain no harm came to his villainous son, he wanted to mend the relationship. The rebellion died with David’s son hanging helplessly in a tree, entangled in his vanity.  Over the course of his life, David was, by all counts, a mighty warrior yet never the aggressor.

We see that standing firm for, and in, what you believe will undoubtably bring along trouble enough for one lifetime. There is no reason to do anything besides prepare and stand firm, living your life in truth and moderation. There is nothing more to be asked of a citizen than these.”

The young man’s eyes were opened. He was not being told, as he perceived, to do nothing. He was being instructed to hold fast and stand firm. If the time to fight arrises you will not have to go looking for it.