Here is the Christmas story for 2020

Hindsight is 2020

Zombie Unicorns?

Her tight blonde curls bobbed as her head shook in affirmation. “Yep, Uncle John. I want you to write a Christmas story about Zombie Unicorns.”

As I stared into her sweet, almost innocent, beautiful eyes, My mind was racing. How could I possibly incorporate Zombie Unicorns into a Christmas story? Several years ago one of her cousins had asked me to write a Christmas story that had Zombie Space Aliens. It had taken me almost 2 years to figure out how to concoct an appropriate solution. The idea of Space Alien Zombie Reindeer eventually crept its way into a viable solution making a funny story that involved an unlikely hero, his friend, Tailgate, and and older Sister that helped him rescue a Princess from the Space Alien Zombie Reindeer (SAZR for short) and save Christmas. It was unconventional, but with much effort, had been achieved. How on earth could I possibly come up with a way to develop characters and tell a story with a moral that involved Zombie Unicorns? 

It seems I am a little too old to appreciate the Zombie craze but beyond that, I really do not see the fascination. People that come out at night, stumble around looking stupid with not a brain in their head. They hide from the daylight and have no responsibility other than sucking the brains out of someone else that still cares about life just so they can propagate more uselessness like themselves… I have seen that scenario playing out my entire adult life and it is certainly not something I care to expend any creative energy on. It is all too real and all too present. Besides, I much prefer telling other kinds of stories, stories that are heart warming and helpful. 

Then there is the Unicorn, a mythical creature that really serves no conceivable purpose. I mean, seriously, a Griffin I can understand, big and powerful like a lion yet it can fly like an eagle. A Gorgon that is ugly enough to scare any other living thing to death… Now, those are mythical creatures (although I think I may actually know a Gorgon or 2). A horse with a horn though, are you serious? How could that possibly be so mysterious? In my mind it is most likely an Elk with a horn malady.  That one is lost on me, but I am not a sweet young girl that dreams about love, has been planning her wedding since she was 5 and dreams of being a mom. So I just go with it because the girls are so cute and giggle whenever Unicorns are mentioned.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that maybe, just maybe, this story could work. Honestly, it is 2020 and nobody has heard a word of truth or encouragement all year anyway. So, for posterity, I will attempt to oblige my sweet Nieces and Nephews, Son and Daughters that requested another Christmas story and encouraged me in so many ways. 

Fair warning. With my creativity in tow, I will employ a huge dose of my inner six year old goofiness to reinvent the Unicorn while endeavoring to explain some of the intricacies of our eternal relationship. So, here is a fun story for some of my favorite people on earth.

It was a cold wet Winter night. Just about as miserable as you can imagine. The wind whipped back and forth driving the sheets of rain almost completely sideways. Everyone that was in the barn, with two legs or four, huddled around the corner stall. Partly because the wind snaked its way through the cracks but mainly because all eyes were glued on the birthing stall. 

The storm raged throughout the night as did the labor. At the same time the morning sun peaked above the mountains a young life was brought forth. The storm had assuaged and just as God provided for Noah, a beautiful rainbow streaked across the sky and plunged, as you guessed it, into the barn yard. Instead of a pot of gold, the rainbow worked another miracle. The foal stretching its legs for the first time entered out into the world at the exact same time the multicolored light band raced across the sky, it splashed directly onto the little forehead producing a small bump under the hairline. Unique, as the little horse came to be called, had no idea what had happened. It never saw the rainbow’s light and never knew it had been blessed. Unique’s Mother had witnessed the entire scene. She knew her baby was special, and just like every other Mother lucky enough to know the truth about their child, she knew that even though her baby was not perfect, it was perfectly acceptable to be that way. She would do everything she could to invest in this little life helping to form itself into something worthwhile.

Over the next several months the little bump grew and became more obvious. It did itch a little but Unique did not really notice it because it could not be seen. As was destined, this did not hold true for long. By the time Unique was 6 months old the horn had broken through the skin and was protruding over an inch. All of the other horses in the yard, especially the young horses that were Uniques age, began making fun of Unique for the horn. 

It seems like ignorant creatures tend to be cruel and make fun of what makes another different; as if being different from everyone else is a bad thing. The joking began by calling Unique names and then graduated into naming the horn until one day somebody decided to smush the two together and just call it Unique’s Horn or Unicorn for short. The name stuck and Unique was dubbed Unicorn.

Uniques’s Mother, knew this was bound to happen and just before Unique’s first Birthday She told Unique that it was time to go live with Uncle JD. Knowing this would be hard on Unique and taking the time to give fair warning, She called Unique in and had a little chat.

“Unique, Sweet heart, your Uncle JD is a very interesting character. He is REALLY old, he smells bad, he is always talking about bellybuttons and he has horrible gas, but he is a wise old horse that has a horn similar to yours. He can teach you and help you get started in life. He is coming this evening so collect your things and say your goodbyes. You will not be back this way for some time. “

“Mamma! I don’t want to leave you! And I certainly do not want to go live with Uncle JD! He farts constantly and why is he always talking about bellybuttons? He is just weird!”

“There is actually a really interesting story about about why JD is so fascinated with bellybuttons, he may tell you the sto…”

“Mamma, I don’t care why! I don’t care that he has a horn like me… or that I have a horn like him… or that we both have horns. It is stupid and He is stupid and this is stupid and I am not leaving!”

Unique’s Mother took a stern tone, “Unique, you listen to me. I will not have you telling me what you will and won’t do. Collect your things and say your goodbyes.”

Feeling more brave than ever before, “NO! I will not leave! and if you try to make me leave then I will just run away!”

“Unique, don’t be ridiculous.”

With that, Unique burst out of the barn, dashing into the forest. After running to a secret hiding spot, Unique began to think things over. Feeling less brave and maybe a little scared, Unique tried bolstering the recent decision with logic,  “She cannot tell me that I have to leave and go with stupid old Uncle JD. Who does she think she is?”

“Your Mother,” a deep gravely voice answered. 

Unique felt like the blood had been completely drained from every vein. “W… Wh… Who… Whooooo’s there?” 

A large creature moved just behind the underbrush. 

“Who are you, and what are you doing in my secret hiding spot!” Unique managed to choke out.

The creature moved again but instead of answering in a traditional horse voice, the creature belted out an enormous gas blast. 

The air filled with a musty green haze and choked poor Unique whose eyes and nose were burning like someone had sprayed them with liquid sulfur.  Coughing and wheezing, trying to catch a breath of fresh air, Unique dashed out of the hideout and into the small forest opening. “Uncle JD, is that you?”

The big horse stepped into the light of the opening, with his oversized ears and goofy grin the horse was oddly attractive. Not physically attractive, mind you, in that department he was actually sort of repugnant but there was something about this horse that was attractive. Just as Unique was starting to wonder what was alluring about this big black goofy looking spectacle with a horn growing out of the center of it’s head, the huge horse farted again completely erasing any thought other than escaping the burning, coughing, wheezing and the need for fresh air.

“Yep, it’s me… in the flesh. How did you ever guess?”

Unique had managed to survive the double blast and had relocated upwind but Uncle JD had found the secret hiding spot. Didn’t he know I was hiding from him Unique thought and felt the anger starting to boil inside, “Gee, Uncle JD, I don’t know, maybe it was the gas attack you unleashed!”

“Sorry, little one, those kinda sneaked up on me.”

He had called Unique “Little One” Uniques mind was already halfway down crazy lane from the talk with Mom and now stinky old Uncle JD comes in with the name Little One! That was it, Unique unleashed all of the pressure pent up from from being weird, called funny names like Unicorn, left out of the crowd, abandoned by Mom and enduring Uncle JD’s chemical warfare… It was going to get crazy up in here and Unique was bringing the thunder! Just as Unique turned around ready to go all Rambo on life, it was actually Uncle JD that brought the thunder. Full force, inches away from Unique’s nostrils and mouth open; The Thunder Rolled, but instead of seeing a lightning strike, Unique’s lights went out. 

Sometime later, somewhere else

Unique woke up, “where am I and how did I get here?”

Looking around to find some bearings and feeling very weird, Unique made it up on all fours. Unique could hear Mom and Uncle JD talking. 

Uncle JD was saying, “There is no way Unique is ready for this. I do not want to hurt this horse’s feelings.”

“JD, you know full well that a horse over a year old is all but full grown. It is time for Unique to grow up and you are the perfect horse for the job. Unique has such a soft heart.”

“Soft heart and hard head,” scoffed JD. 

“Remind you of another horse, maybe?” Mom jabbed. “I saw the rainbow splash on Unique’s forehead. I know it is a sign and I know you are the next step in the journey.”

“Me, I am a weird old goofy horse with a horn on my head…”



“You are a weird, old, goofy, stinky horse with a horn on your head, and that is why you are the horse for the job. Nobody else can do this job.”

Unique had stumbled into the barn trying to do a better job of eavesdropping, when a group of young horses trotted past and called out, “Hey, Unicorn, How’s it going?” 

“You don’t look so good. Yeah and you smell horrible. “

“Why is your face painted green?”

Unique stood dumbfounded trying to think, “should I act like I am not listening to the conversation between Mom and Uncle JD or should I answer the questions? Do I actually know the answer to the questions? And why is my face green?” By the time all of this had made the trek through Unique’s mind the crowd had decided to just poke fun and move along. 

“Good old Unicorn, Always good for a laugh!”

Mom and Uncle JD had seen the whole thing. 

Uncle JD brushed past Unique, “Unicorn, huh. That is a pretty cool nickname. You are Unique in many ways and you have a horn, which is unique, so there it is, you are a Unicorn! I like it.”

After cleaning Unique’s face Mom pressed her head up against Unique’s neck, “Sweet heart, God has something big planned for you. Nobody knows what that is yet but Uncle JD can help you. He has been around for a long time and has seen some pretty amazing things. Go with him and he can teach you how to use the gift you have been given. I will always be here for you when you want to come by and tell me your stories. For now, please listen to your Momma and go with Uncle JD.”

“OK, Momma, Love you. I will visit you often.”

Unique trotted out to catch up with Uncle JD. “Alright, weird, stinky Uncle JD, where are we going?”

Uncle JD stood thinking for a moment and instead of answering the question, posed his own. “Tell me something Unicorn, If you were so dead set on not leaving, why would you run away? Instead of leaving and going with someone that will care about you, you decided to go where nobody cares about you. How does that make sense?” 

The horse turned and trotted down the trail. Unique fallowed and pondered the question. Maybe there was something special about this horse despite his goofiness. 

Six months passed

very quickly for Unique, Uncle JD and the other horses they lived with. Unique had finally taken to being called Unicorn and somewhere along the way both Unique and Uncle JD had been grouped together and called Unicorns. It seems the moniker had stuck fast. 

Unique lived in a sort of school where Uncle JD worked, Unique was not quite sure what he did at the school and honestly did not care. Uncle JD was not around very much. He came to visit the stables and check in on Unique almost every day but never stayed long. He had, “too much to do,” or so he said. Unique was learning so much. The horses around were firm but fun and the rules were strict. It kept all the horses in line and things moved along smoothly. Uniques favorite day of the week was when Mother came to visit. They always had so much fun together. 

On one such occasion, Mother cornered Uncle JD in the stables and got him telling stories. All of the horses gathered round and were whinnying and neighing at the good fun that was going on. Mother then caught Uncle JD off guard when she asked him to tell the bellybutton story. Refusing at first, but eventually Mothers sweetness wore him down and he was moved to retell the story. 

“Well, It all started when God was in the middle of Creation. He had made me with my horn and I was all giddy, rip roaring and ready to go. It started out as what I thought was an accident. God was forming all the creatures and I was bouncing around and accidentally poked the belly with my horn. When I tried to pull it free it left a little pock mark. I tried to fix it but it just kept pooching back out. I looked to the next belly trying to see if I could find a way to fix it but there was no use. some were innies and some were outies and I was confounded at how disastrous my attempts to repair the damage were. I eventually found out that God had designed it that way and I was just part of his plan. So from then on, every creature that could get a belly button got one and I was the belly button bringer. I even got to give Adam and Eve their belly buttons. Now, every time I see an opportunity I like to poke a belly as it reminds me of all the fun I had making the first belly buttons. 

“Did none of the other Unicorns get to make belly buttons?” Asked one of the horses. 

“By that time all of the other, as you call them, Unicorns, were already gone,” Uncle JD dropped his head. 

Unique’s ears perked up, “You mean there are more of us? Where did they come from? Where did they go?” 

Uncle JD got a smile on his face, “ Oh, there were tons of Horn Horses. That was what they were called back then. There were so many of them in fact that there are probably more than you can possibly count. Each one was made for a special purpose and each one had a special journey to take.”

“Thousands of them? What journey, Where are they now?” Unique was full of questions.

“Thousands, No way, there were thousands of Millions of them and you have seen many of them many times,” Uncle JD snorted. 

“When, Where?”

JD started in,“You see them every night, they fill the sky. The Humans call them stars. God wanted to make signs in the sky and therefore he designed the Horn Horses, What you guys call Unicorns, to travel out into the great dark expanse. Their horns are filled with what humans call magic, which is really just power. Some of the Horn Horses though, decide to be selfish and keep the magic for themselves. When this happens the power corrupts them and turns them dark. It creates a black hole in the sky where a star used to be. The corruption causes the Horn Horse to be selfish and it literally tries to pull in everything within its reach. This eventually destroys the Horn Horse and the light goes completely out.”

One of the younger Horses in the stable piped up, “So a star is a Unicorn and if they get selfish and keep their power for themselves they turn into a Zombie Unicorn which creates a black hole that sucks the life out of everything around it. Whoa! That is heavy.”

“Why is Unique here then?” asked another horse. 

Uncle JD looked at Unique, “I suspect God needs a new star for some reason.”

Unique felt flush, completely embarrassed. Uncle JD’s stories were often wacky but to suggest that being a star was Uniques future job was just absurd. “How come you are not a star Uncle JD?” 

Without even looking up Uncle JD quipped, “because I put off so much gas that I would outshine the Sun from wherever I would be stationed and then there would be no night.” then, as if to prove his point, he let out a 10 second gas cannon extraordinaire.  Every horse in the stables ran out gasping for breath leaving Uncle JD to finish the dessert table all by his lonesome.

The next morning

Unique cut a trail straight to to Uncle JD to ask him if there was any truth in what he had said the night before regarding Horn Horses or Unicorns as all of the other horses called them. Uncle JD had already left but as usual it was not hard to follow his scent, unpleasant as the task was. 

Unique followed the scent for some time. Eventually the song,”Over the mountain and through the woods to Grandmothers house we go,” came to mind and Unique was humming the tune. Anything was better than concentrating on this horrible smell. When, all of a sudden, in the middle of a large grassy area, the scent trail ended. Unique looked high and low for signs of Uncle JD but could not find hide nor hair of him. 

Feeling frustrated, “How on earth dId I loose a big stinky horse?” Unique asked out loud. 

“You didn’t.” Unique whirled around looking for the source of the voice. 

A man standing 20 yards away holding a staff caught Uniques eye. “Where did you come from, I did not see you standing there earlier. You scared the horse pucky out of me! Where did Uncle JD go?” Then realizing this man may not know who Uncle JD was he rephrased the last question, “Um… did you happen to see a large black horse with a horn on it’s head come this way?”

The man with the staff stood there for a minute then asked, “Which question would you like for me to answer first?”

Unique smiled realizing the barrage of questions may have been more than intended. 

The man with the staff smiled back. “Heaven, heaven and yes.”

Now Unique stood stunned. “What?”

“I was answering your questions. I came from Heaven. JD went to Heaven and Yes, I saw him.”

Unique felt sick. “You killed my Uncle?” The fire had started in the hooves and had only taken a second or two to erupt from Unique’s mouth. “YOU killed my Uncle JD!” Up until this point Unique had no idea just how much love for that stinky old fart had built up in this horse’s heart. 

The Man with the staff recognized the misunderstanding and before the situation got out of hand he very calmly started an explanation. “Your Uncle JD is not dead, In fact he should be here any minute now. I did not kill him, though the Lord knows, I have entertained the idea on occasion when he gasses as he passes.”

Unique’s heels were cooling and could appreciate the man with the staff’s position. 

“Drive-by-pootings I think he calls them,” the man smirks, “What a horrible… funny thing to say.”

Unique, still not sure what was happening here softened a little more.

The man with the staff continued, “Sometimes when he comes by he kicks my rear end. Not hard mind you, but still it is annoying. When I had had enough of getting kicked in the butt, I smacked his rear end in retaliation. Do you know what he called me?”

Unique smiled, already knowing the answer.

“Crack Smacker! Any time he catches me in public and thinks he can embarrass me he calls me Crack Smacker. Seriously, what can anyone say to that. He suckered me in and got me good. So, I do confess the thought of trying to end that big pile of hot gas has crossed my mind before but as much as it pains me to admit, I love that Horn Horse.” 

“So you know him?” Unique inquired.

“Of course, JD and I have been friends,” Pondering the length of time, “Well, I suppose we have been friends from the beginning.”

The answer seemed unusual to Unique who was just about to pose another question when Uncle JD’s voice jabbed, “Aw, how sweet. The big tough warrior Angel  does have a heart after all.”

“Shut your big face Horn Horse, nobody cares what you have to say anymore than they want to smell what you had from hay.”

“Oh, that was a good one! showing off for my family are you, Kidemonas?”

The man with the staff grimaced, “Show off for a washed up old booger colored Horn Horse? I think not!

“Oh, Kidemonas, only your boogers are black. Don’t get mad because I led this Unicorn to your little, supposedly hidden, gate. Just take your little staffy there and let us through. Unique has an appointment.” Uncle JD lowered his head indicating that although he was making fun, he was serious.

Kidemonas, turning off the sarcasm, “what is a Unicorn?”

JD nodded toward Unique. 

“Mr. Kidemonas, Sir. My name is Unique, aaaaand I have a horn. The other horses thought it would be funny to call me a name and they somehow pressed Unique and horn together to come up with the word Unicorn.”

“I see.” then turning to JD, “I like it! Wish I had come up with a name like that for you centuries ago.” Turning to Unique, “Oh, wait, I did. We called him The Great Gas Giant or 3G for short.”

“Real funny, short staffer. Now seriously, Unique has an appointment.” bellowed Uncle JD.

Opening the gate, “Short staffer, huh. That was a good one 3G.”

As if walking through a door, 

Unique and Uncle JD were suddenly somewhere completely different. 

“Welcome to Heaven,” Uncle JD pranced off obviously expecting Unique to follow. 

Unique caught up with Uncle JD and started to ask a question then realized that it was not just one question. With every step they took more questions came to mind. Before Unique could think of a way to phrase his questions they happened upon a road. Seconds later a chariot pulled up with a funny looking little driver standing at the reigns. 

“Come on, get in. You know how He is about time.” the little fella shouted. 

Unique, ears pinned back at the sound of the huge voice erupting from the small driver, looked at Uncle JD questioningly. 

Uncle JD chuckled. “Are you hesitant because you are a horse that is going to ride in a chariot or at the power of the drivers, um… commanding voice?”

To the driver, “Nuntius, you are gonna have to dial it down a little, this one is not used to you yet.”

Nuntius turns and winks at Unique, then trying to whisper but still louder than most can talk, “Copy that. Now let’s go!” 

In a moment they were off, flying over the road at slightly less than Ludicrous speed. 

Both Unicorns were trying to stay balanced, Uncle JD looks over at Unique, “He drives like he speaks.”

Unique shoots back, I guess this is why horses are made to pull chariots so we can temper the ferocity of the driver!” 

Nuntius, belly laughed. “Not a bad idea on the other side, but on this side we do things differently.”

To have been said so loudly it seemed awkward to think of that as an understatement, but it was obvious that things on this side of the gate were definitely different.

Uncle JD, taking a poke at Nuntius, “Good job toning it down, big mouth.” Looking over at Unique, “I have known him since I installed his Belly Button on his first day.” 

“There he goes again, always with the belly button. Look just cause you put it there does not make it yours; it is my belly button and No, I am not going to show it off!”

Uncle JD cast a smirk toward Unique while still addressing Nuntius, “But you know I can see it anyway and that bothers the pahookey out of you, doesn’t it?”

“No!” replied Nuntius but Unique noticed that the driver pressed his stomach tight against the chariot. Unique tossed the smirk back to Uncle JD.

Nuntius was as skilled as he was loud. Expertly he navigated time and space and as the chariot neared the throne room he slowed down to give Unique the full effect. “What do you think?” he belted out. 

Unique was all but in shock. “I, um, I do not know what to think. Just trying to take it all in.”

Nuntius looked back at Uncle JD, “3G have you explained things to Unique yet?” The big black Unicorn stood silent in the chariot. “Ah, of course you have not. I figure you are just about as proud as you can be of this one. You saved your best work for last.”

Looking at Unique but keeping his voice just inside the level of acceptability, “Unique, I really like the name Unicorn. I will be certain to tell all the rest of your kind that we have a more colorful name than Horn Horse.” Then changing the conversations direction, ”Before we go in to the Throne Room there are a few things you will want to know. Number 1, I AM. The Big Boss, is the Boss. Utmost respect is demanded at all times. Just follow 3G, I mean, your Uncle JD’s lead and do what he does. Copy that?


“Number 2, You are here for a reason. Soon you will find out what that reason is. If you do not understand do not worry, the whole thing will be explained later. It is expected that you come before, I AM, knowing that He has made you for a purpose and therefore you are not to question or shirk that purpose or to fain modesty and decline or apologize because you are unworthy. He is perfect and made you exactly as you were supposed to be made. To act unworthy is annoying and insulting to your Maker. Copy that?


Number 3, Your job is enviable. You should be very honored. Copy that?”

“I hope so.” 

Uncle JD stepped in, “Unique, this is not a game and it is certainly not a time for uncertainty.”


With that, JD jumped off the back of the chariot just before it screeched to a halt Unique slammed forward into the railing nearly being knocked unconscious. 

“Nuntius drives like he speaks,” laughed Uncle JD. “Dangerously close to the edge.”

“Too funny, 3G.” the chariot lurched forward out from under Unique’s hooves.

The Throne Room

was breathtaking and majestic and everything you could ever imagine it could be and so much more. Unique was called to appear at the Throne and did so as quickly as possible, Uncle JD leading the way. There were no introductions needed. I AM already knew who you were and any introduction you could fathom for Him would be woefully lacking. 

“Unique!” As if welcoming a childhood friend, I AM continued, “So glad you could make it!” JD was acknowledged and both were invited to step into the portal. 

Unique looked at Uncle JD, “What portal?” 

“It is how we can interact with Him in his element. Even in Heaven we are restrained by time. He is not. When we step through the portal we move into where time is no more. You can travel to the farthest galaxy and live a lifetime then return to the exact second you stepped into the portal. Follow me” Uncle JD and Unique stepped into the portal and were surrounded by light. “It takes a few seconds to acclimate.”

The light grew so bright that Unique, with eye lids clamped shut, could still see the brightness. When it subsided they were standing back in the field where they had left Mr. Kidemonus. Unique looked around thinking maybe they had been sent to the wrong place. 

“Took you long enough,” There was a man, very similar to what humans would call a Grandfather, standing beside Uncle JD feeding him an apple. “Care for one Unique?” Uncle JD indicated to accept the gift. Unique did accept and boy was it a good apple.

“Here I am called Abba, and I hear Unicorn is the en vogue term for both of you.” Abba, looking directly at Unique, “I have something spectacular planned for you. Something so Unique; sorry, could not help myself, that it will be the only time in recorded history that men will see it. Oh, and what a ruckus it will make.” Stopping to ponder, as if seeing the thing actually happening, Abba spoke, “It will be grand!”

Unique whispered,” What will be grand?” 

“You will be, of course! Come, let me show you.” And just like that they were standing in the middle of nowhere. I mean literally NOWHERE. A million miles from any Planet or Star. “Here is where you will start. You will learn how to use the power and the more you do the brighter you will become. Then, I will tell you when it is time and your trek will begin. The only star in human history that moved across the sky. You will take the path until you reach this point” Unique, Abba and Uncle JD were all taking the path Unique would follow and there was an empty spot where Unique would end up. “Here it is, Your resting place. This will be your home for the next…”

Unique was losing it, The whole thing was just too much to take in. 

Abba, ever so wisely, waited on Unique to come around. “You have so many questions. Do not worry,  Have faith in me. I will be right here with you the whole time.”

Unique was confused, “How can you be right here with me? Don’t you have a Universe to run?”

“Little understanding breeds little faith, my dear Unicorn. You cannot possibly expect me to leave you here alone? I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. This portal allows you to travel with me but I am not really traveling. I was already here and already there and still back yonder. This contraption simply makes it possible for you to see a small part of what I AM. 

The discussion went on, every detail was explained and worked out to Unique’s understanding. When all was prepared they went back to the starting line and Uncle JD taught Unique how to use the Magic to make the light. The new star was born. 

When the time was right Abba took Uncle JD back to his spot while Abba and Unique started the journey across the sky. The journey was so famous it was recorded in the Bible, book of Mathew chapter 2 verse 9

“And lo, the Star, which they saw in the east, went before them till it came and stood over where the young child was.”

Now you know why Unicorns are so special and why there are so few to be found on earth; however, we can see them when we look up at the night sky. 

Now you also know why searching for Unicorns is a sort of bad idea, the only one you can find on earth would be stinky old ugly Uncle JD and his kind of magic is… um… a little… um… different. 

The End

There you go. We were able to incorporate Zombie Unicorn’s into a Christmas story, even if they did only received a cursory mention. Folks, that was not easy to do! Maybe it is some kind of Christmas miracle.

 So as we look back on 2020, all the years preceding and those yet to come, let us remember that Abba, the Father, is right here with us and always will be. For Him, The Great I AM, 2020 has always been Hindsight.

Merry Christmas!