There was once an island with two countries set on two hills separated by a Valley. On one hill stood Fartlandia peopled by Fartlandians and across the valley the Pootlandians protected Pootlandia.

To the average outsider looking at the peoples of the island it would be almost impossible to discern between the Fartlandians and the Pootlandians. 

But the Pootlandians say that the difference between a Fart and a Poot is the way they smell and the way they scoot. In contrast, the Fartlandians say the difference between a Poot and a Fart it the way they smell and the way they spark. Either way, both of these peoples had inhabited the island for generations without incident. 

One day the double lobed moon, which was visible day and night, began to develop a Corona. There was an ancient story handed down that prophesied a great shower of poo could plop down on the island once the moons Corona reached its zenith. Fearing the worst, both kings began hoarding toilet paper in preparation for the great Corona fallout.

The Kings, lying in their poshly prepared poo paper piled palaces, began to take advantage of the spoils. It began with using 4 sheets per wipe, then doubled to 8 and so on until everyone living in the palace lavishly evolved into beehivers. Yes, 4, 6, 8 and even 10 wraps were common. As the Corona weigned, it grew even worse. Then it happened. Almost as if it were providentially destined, both sewer systems backed up, and great was the destruction The poo parade that was prophesied to come from the Moon’s Corona had indeed fallen on the Fartlandians and the Pootlandians. It had fallen from their own avarice not the Corona.