Years of service in the Cabin industry has taught us a few things and one of the biggest issues is Guest Satisfaction. There are many things that this issue entails, one of the best ways we have found to keep Guests happy is to set expectations for them so they feel that they have received what they paid for. In the New book, The Cabin Owner’s Manual 2.0 I have written a section on this topic and we call it Curb Appeal. Below is the first section of curb appeal from the book and it is called the approach. Why is the approach important? Because many visitors do not understand what to expect. In my opinion, If it is at all possible, you should have a video of the drive to your cabin that way they know exactly what to expect. It may even help them know how to get to the cabin easier!

The Approach

The informed Cabin Owner will try to make getting to their Cabin as simple as possible by giving clear directions and making them easy to follow. Remember, Guests will be trying to get to your Cabin at night, in the rain and snow, and while trying to avoid other Visitors on the road who do not know where they are going either. Losing cell phone or GPS reception may also cripple their attempts and will completely throw them off kilter as they are not used to being without cell service.

Taking this advice will not actually help your Cabin look better, but it will help the Guest be in a better mood when they reach your Cabin.